Are Christians Bullying Homosexuals?

President Obama declared the legalizing of gay marriage as a big step in our march toward equality, as now every person has the opportunity to marry whoever they want. Yet just seconds after the national announcement hit social media, thousands of Christians had to put in their two cents, stating that this decision wasn’t want God intended. 

And some of them took it way too far.

“America is now the new Sodom and Gomorrah.”

 “These gays will burn. Burn baby burn.”

 “Jesus is certainly coming back because of this.”

 It really makes me wonder. Have these Christians become the new bullies – taking the place of the very thing that society has been fighting against?

 First off, let’s just start with the facts. 

You cannot use Christianity to defend our nation’s decisions. It’s pretty evident that “church and state” have divided years ago. In America, sin is everywhere. Let’s start with the fact that we’ve legalized prostitution – just as long as a video camera is involved. We’ve made sex a brand and have used it to market nearly every single product in our nation. We’ve glorified public whores and instead of shaming them, we’ve paid them to continue taking their clothes off. 

Where were all of the Conservative Christians when the first sex tape launched and made millions? Or when pornography first hit the media?

Why haven’t they said anything about sites like that have made committing adultery, also another sin, as simple as filling out an online profile?

 What makes homosexuality the “sin” that makes everyone tremble? Aren’t all sins created equal? 

Also, what makes Christians believe that after all of the horrible filth that has consumed America, gay marriage would be the one thing that would make Jesus come back?

As we’ve learned from scripture, Homosexuality was present in the Bible. So now that homosexual marriage is legal, how is it any different than the very nature of the act in the first place?

Perhaps it’s time that we stop being hypocrites and judging other humans and we make a difference through love and support, rather than bashing something that we don’t understand.

Perhaps there isn’t enough Biblical evidence to fully understand Homosexuality and because it hasn’t been fully adapted into society as much as having sex before marriage and having children out of wedlock has, it’s a lot easier to wave a finger.

It’s okay to admit that we don’t understand Homosexuality. If it’s so hated and such an abomination, why is it here on Earth? And why is it starting to be more and more accepted, even by churches?

Right now more than ever, churches should be reaching out to the homosexuals and the LGBT community not to bully them or throw scriptures in their face, but to love them and care for them. It’s not fair to shun them or force them to follow certain principles. Let’s love them just as God loves us all.

Christians didn’t shun the judgers or the fornicators, and Jesus himself didn’t shun the prostitutes or the disobedient? So what religious right do you have to shun homosexuals?

Some of you Christians should be ashamed of yourselves.  You want to claim to be a devoted follower of God but you’re nothing more than a bully that thinks your better than everyone else, throwing insults at others and calling them scriptures. 

God is not pleased and one day all of us will know why Homosexuality became so prevalent on this Earth.

Have you ever thought that maybe this is a test from God to see who really “loves thy neighbor?”

Just something to think about. 

Eboni LaceyComment