Determine His Interest Level By Reading His Sexual Cues

As we all know, sex is a very powerful tool and it can easily make or break a relationship. This extreme level of physical intimacy leaves you completely venerable and naked – not just physically naked but emotionally naked as well. If you pay close attention to how a man treats you during your first sexual experience, you will also know his emotions and what he really thinks about you when all the lights are out.

If bends you over in the “doggie style” positions, he views you as a sexual toy

Of course when a woman is completely bent over, face down, a man can actually penetrate deeper, and the sex will feel very good. But, if it’s the first time your having sex and he grabs you and bends your over, the sex is more important to him then you are. He cares more about seeing your ass bounce up and down and controlling you. You are nothing more then his bendable sex toy. On a girls ask guys website, a young girl asked what it means if a man wants to bend you over all the time and every response was the same “power, control, and deeper penetration, but less intimate.”

If he chokes, smacks or pulls your hair, he’s a little selfish

He likes it rough – okay great, but that doesn’t mean you do. If its your first sexual experience and he’s choking you, smacking you everywhere and pulling your hair, then it means he’s wanting to explore a sexual fantasy before exploring your sexual fantasy.

If he’s constantly wanting to try new things, he’s comfortable with you

A lot of men are outwardly sexual – they won’t hesitate to text you about their crazy sexual fantasies or their constant daydreams of trying new things with you – and that’s a good thing. If a man is comfortable with you, he will feel you in on what’s going on in his mind. Embrace his sexual desires but never make anything too easy.  It’s a good thing that he’s comfortable enough to tell you his thoughts, but your conversation should include other things as well. Remember that he only wants a freak in private.

If you are lacking sexual chemistry with him, then do more on your part

Sometimes women tend to think that a good sexual experience is all up to the man. If everything is going great in other areas, but the sex is a little boring, then do your part to make the sex more interesting. Wear sexy clothing, try different positions and go a little outside of the box. Don’t blame him for the sexual disconnect, try new things to keep things hot and steamy.

Eboni LaceyComment