If you could tell society one thing about body image, what would you say? Would you talk about the history of objectification of women’s bodies? Maybe you would ask why society feels that a thin body is more marketable than a fat body and why unnatural bodies are shoved on our social media feeds, all throughout our TV and on literally every magazine. 

The Identity of She made a pledge to change society’s distorted views on body image. We gathered women from all around the globe to say the words “I love my body as it is.” We created a movement. This year we’re taking it a step further and we need your help! For The Identity of She, body positivity doesn’t stop at just the physical body. We want to include every aspect of our bodies and get down to the nitty gritty when we discuss true body love; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. So, we’ve created The Dear Body Project and a printed and digital magazine called Dear Body Magazine.  

Dear Body Project: Edition One was a collection of stories of women who wrote personal letters to their bodies. Alongside the letters where photos, artwork and other media expressing body image. Dear Body Project: Edition One was featured in Amber Rose's May Subscription Box. 

Dear Body Project: Edition Two was an ode to women’s history as we tackled the historical existence of body shame, and the brainwashing of beauty standards. It also had several articles about sexual liberation, feminism and freedom. 

Now, we are going a little deeper for Edition Three. In Edition Three we plan to tackle body discrimination in the workplace across multiple industries, as well as and examples of it in the entertainment industry. We will also discuss physical and mental health and explore how society's obsession with thinness has overshadowed the focus on health. Submissions to Edition Three are now officially open. 

If you could say something to your body, what would you say? How has your relationship with your body been effected by beauty standards? What age were you when you first experienced the pressure of beauty standards and how has it affected you? Have you ever been discriminated because of your weight, size or body type? Your challenge is to answer one or more of these questions in the form of creative media. 

Submission Guidelines:

    Writing (articles, blogs, short stories, poetry, etc.) 

    No more than 700 words. 

  Song and Dance (music videos, songs, dance routine, etc.) 

    No more than 3-5 minutes. Longer submissions need prior approval via email. Submissions must be made to a public YouTube or SoundCloud. Link must be accurate when sent to us. 

   Photography / Videography / Fine Art (paintings, drawings, sculpture, short films, photos, videos, etc.) 

   For fine art please submit high quality pictures of the work. All files no larger than 25 MB.

Past work is alright! You don’t need to create new work to be able to participate in the challenge. 

The winner of the challenge will receive a full page feature and a front cover mention in our second issue of Dear Body Project Magazine - a visual exploration of self-image. Some of the strongest pieces from the 

challenge will be selected to be featured in the magazine as well! 

Please submit all entries to TIOS at: TheIdentityofShe@gmail.com. 

Submission Deadline: Sept 12, 2018 Questions? We got you. just email us.