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Thank you for visiting The Identity of She! We are blog & apparel business dedicated to redefining the human identity through the areas of race, sexuality, gender and body identity. We are advocates for equality, feminism, the LGBT community and body positivity.  We fight everyday to create a better society that allows all people to live FREE in their identity - no matter how unique it may be! 

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Our Body Love Pledge is a national movement created to inspire all women to love their bodies no matter what! The goal of this campaign is to end body hatred and inspire all women to love the skin they are in!


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No man is born devaluing woman, that is a learned behavior from how they are raised and how we allow society, employers, and men to treat us. When I talk sexual liberation, I am not only talking about the act of sex. I am talking about woman knowing who they are, moving in their truth, allowing themselves to love their bodies, demanding that they are not objectified if they wear something that makes them feel good. Yet because a man sexualizes it, the woman suffers.
— The woman's sexual liberty in a world of trumps - BY L.E. Miller
We’re taught that our self-worth is intrinsically tied in to our sexuality - as though by exercising one, we forgo the other.

Meanwhile, we’re taught that boys will be boys. That if a boy chooses to have a lot of sex, people will simply shrug their shoulders and look the other way. There’s no “slut” brand for him to wear; no scarlet letter of shame.

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We just launched our newest campaign: Body Love Undies! This campaign features women of all shapes, sizes and colors rocking underwear with a powerful message of loving your body as it is no matter what. 


Body Love Makes A Buzzfeed Debut

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