Society often gives us all labels to identify ourselves: race, gender, weight, height and marital status. In addition to this we are asked to state our sexual preference: straight, gay or bisexual, etc.. It seems like every where we turn, we are asked to be categorized, easily defined and easily manipulated into thinking that's how life should be. Well attention society and "man"kind, we're sick of this shit!

 The Identity of She is a blog and business serving the different, the intricate, and undefined individuals who don't fit into these pushed labels. We produce products that celebrate uniqueness as our goal is to redefine our identity as humans and as women. 

Who is she? Well, she is the voice of us. The internal being that represents our thoughts and who we are. There’s layers to her, just browse through the site to see her unravel. 

But we also must ask, who are you? How do you want to be identified? Read our articles, shop our apparel and engage with us to see what we do, what we offer and what we fight for. There’s some work that needs to be done in our misguided, humdrum world. Let's make an identity of our own. Does this spark your interest? Oh baby, we’re just getting started. 


The #SheSquad

T.I.O.S is ran by a team of four fierce females and several media and photography contributors all across the globe. Some of these places include Phoenix (our home base), New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, Montana, Nepal and The Phillippines.  


Eboni Lacey | Founder and Creator

Journalist and Graphic Designer Eboni Lacey started The Identity of She in 2015 as a self-help blog geared toward women. At the time she was interning for a prominent magazine who was so impressed with her writing that the company asked her to start a blog. She slowly grew the blog to address numerous issues she felt needed a unique style of voice. These issues include diversity, body positivity, feminism and equality. 

Soon after the blog developed, Eboni decided to launch clothing as she desired to make an even bolder statement in society. 

"There's something quite phenomenal about seeing a powerful slogan on a t-shirt," Eboni said. "It literally fuels my spirit. Creating strong statements to be worn around the world lets society know that we are not joking about who we are. We deserve to live in a society where we are accepted and appreciated no matter how big, how black, how feminine or how gay we are."

In addition to TIOS she also works independently as a Marketing Specialist, Graphic Designer and Business Consultant. She hopes to one day grow The Identity of She into a global empire and create more platforms for female owned and operated business and girl bosses around the globe. 


Alexis Salazar | Social Media Manager

Alexis joined The Identity of She in 2017 after she worked on numerous shoots in 2016 as a TIOS model. Though Alexis is only 16 she brings a ton of creativity and passion to the team. She currently manages all of TIOS's social media accounts and helps the team make creative decisions in marketing campaigns, promotions and photoshoots. Her vast knowledge of new age social media has helped the organization get involved in more online platforms and ultimately reach more people!

In addition to social media managing, and modeling for TIOS, she is also studying cosmetology and plans to become an aesthetician after finishing high school. Alexis joined TIOS because she believes that she can make an impactful for young teenage feminists that also want their voices to be hard.

"I feel that sometimes when you're young, people assume that you don't care about equality or even feminism," Alexis said. "But despite my age, I believe I have a voice! I want the world to understand that we are all entitled to love whoever we want, however we want!" 

Pam Covarrubias | Photographer & Creative Contributor

Pam, who actually went to college with Eboni and was in the same Graphic Design program, brings a whirlwind of experience to The Identity of She. Pam works as both the TIOS photographer and also contributes graphics and photos to the organization. Pam's creative expertise in both photos and design has greatly helped TIOS's visual campaigns.

In addition to TIOS, Pam is a a Brand Evangelist, Storyteller, and Solutions Creator who works with individuals to help them develop their personal and professional identities through her business Spread Ideas Move People. 

She also has a podcast called Cafe Con Pam which features latina women and women of color, and empowers all women to fulfill their mission in life. 


Aislinn Hillmon | Content Strategist Intern

Aislinn just graduated from the University of Montana with a Bachelor’s degree in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with a minor in Media Arts. She is currently an intern and brand ambassador for TIOS. She is extremely excited to be apart of the TIOS team in any small capacity that she can be. This is her first journey into work regarding her degree and interest, and she’s ecstatic that it’s happening so soon after graduating.

“To be able to step into work that I hold so close to my heart, that encompasses everything that I’ve just spent the last four years of my life studying is unreal. I can’t believe this opportunity has come about for me and I’m really looking forward to all that I can learn from the experience.”

In addition to TIOS, Aislinn has started using her media arts interest to vlog her life on YouTube as well as creating a blog to showcase some of her other interests.




#SheSquad Contributors


Ali Owens is a Huffington Post writer, blogger, musician, and feminist who believes deeply in social justice and equality.  In addition to writing for Huffington Post, she is also a contributor for Donuts & Dissent Equality Blog and Scene Magazine. Check out her Instagram at @AliOwensCreative and website at AliOwensWriter.com

Emilia Leonetti is a 24 year old writer and serial patter of dogs. She is interested in intersectional feminism, the eventual fall of capitalism and slam poetry. She lives in Hobart, Australia.

Emilia Leonetti is a 24 year old writer and serial patter of dogs. She is interested in intersectional feminism, the eventual fall of capitalism and slam poetry. She lives in Hobart, Australia. See more of her writing at https://m.facebook.com/leonettitheonlyone/ or her Instagram @Emiveritas. 

18-year old Nivedita Shrestha is a recent high school graduate from Kathmandu, Nepal. he is currently studying medicine in Bangladesh. She is a proud feminist and aspires to  help empower women. She strongly believes that you are either a feminist or you're a sexist; there is no in-between. Check out her Instagram at @Nivedita_1D.


Andi Hennon is a 25 year old woman with a degree in music therapy. She is passionate about helping others, and is a fan of all things that bring healing and joy into the world. Writing is new to her but she feels that it is an amazing vessel for advocating for intersectional feminism to the world. Check out her Instagram at @andi_hennon. 


Sara Warren is a full-time working mother and a lifestyle blogger on the side. She loves writing about diversity, equality and body positivity. She currently resides in Pikeville, Kentucky with her husband and three children. Check out her Instagram @Suribelle. You can also check out her blog at www.thewindedmama.wordpress.com.


Kelly Crotty holds a BA  in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies with a concentration on gender. A Midwestern that's dreaming of the desert. Minimalist, wearer of black, copywriter and story teller. "If they don't give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair." (Shirley Crisholm) You can join her on Instagram @Karatekid. Her website is coming soon. 


Kate Pennington is a writer who creates art from her lived experience as a self-proclaimed pagan, cis-woman, living with a chronic illness, in a fat body, who has a lifelong love of glitter. She has a background in theater and a Master’s degree in Philosophy and Religion. Check her out on Instagram at @Call_Me_Glitter.


Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland Labrenia Miller (L.E. Miller) took to writing at the tender age of thirteen years old, although it was not until she turned 23 and finished her bachelor's degree in another field that she decided to pursue it as a career possibility. You can find more of her work on her blog "Own Your Cliche"  on on Instagram at: @ClichePub.

Talia Bellia is a 16-year old Chicago native who is also a conceptual photographer. She is currently writing and producing an album based on feminist themes. Talia is also vegan and a fervent dark chocolate eater. She also changes her hair color more times than months in a given year. Check out her Instagram at @TaziaCira.


Katarina Todros holds a BFA in Fine Arts, where she majored in Film Production. Half-Egyptian and raised in the Coptic Orthodox Church, she spends time evaluating and analyzing the patriarchal set up of the religion and slowly unlearning the damaging devaluing of genders outside of men. You can find her on Instagram @wh3atgerm. 


Jonna Lindawan is a writer and business professional who resides in the Philippines. She provides training and consulting services to individuals, religious organizations, students, and businesses. She also conducts seminars on leadership, business management, and church management. Check out her Instagram at @JonnaLindawan.