The Woman's Sexual Liberty in a World of 'Trumps'

By: L.E. Miller

           Borders, bodies of water, race, and religion may divide us as woman; however, we all have a common factor in this world that link us all together and that is respect or lack of respect from our counterparts ‘MEN’. In no way is this blog meant to bash men nor is it in anyway going to condone the actions that are taken by men to deprive woman a basic human right. Sexuality is not a birth right so why are woman objectified and belittled for wanting to take their sexual freedom and explore it? The double standard in society that woman can’t do what men do and that woman need to think about what society will think of her for being herself is CANCELED! Women are making themselves heard greatly and it’s significant because we were getting complacent.


            From the Woman’s March, to the Amber Rose Slut Walk, to the statement of #TimesUp expressed on social media and through Hollywood stars at the 2018 Golden Globes, woman are speaking up and are inserting our power into physical change. So where does the 2018 woman stand with her sexuality and freedoms to explore it? Let’s be selfish, greedy, forceful while keeping it classy as only woman can! We are just as sexually aware and deserving as our men, we carry and birth nations. Yet women are still disenfranchised if we wear that dress that makes us feel beautiful but shows some skin, or if we allow ourselves to indulge in our sexual desires all because men get uncomfortable and feel obligated to objectify us.

            No man is born devaluing woman, that is a learned behavior from how they are raised and how we allow society, employers, and men to treat us. When I talk sexual liberation, I am not only talking about the act of sex. I am talking about woman knowing who they are, moving in their truth, allowing themselves to love their bodies, demanding that they are not objectified if they wear something that makes them feel good. Yet because a man sexualizes it, the woman suffers. ‘Own Your Cliché’ is my motto and brand and we as woman need to take back the words used to dismantle us and own it! Example, Amber Rose created a whole movement and took back the word slut, which is meant to bring us down. So, with that being said… My name is L. E. Miller I am selfish, promiscuous, a bitch, conceited, insecure, educated, bold, fierce, funny, crazy, stupid, lazy. I am woman I am STRONG! Own your cliché and own your sexual freedom in this world of Trump’s.


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