Vanderpump Rules Stassi Schroeder - Its Too Late To Say Sorry

I’ve been a huge fan of Vanderpump Rules since their very first episode in 2013. I’ve tuned in LITERALLY every week. I’ve been to SUR and even gave Scheana (who is incredibly sweet) some of my apparel. I also follow most of the main cast on Instagram. Yup, I’m that fan.

People may ask why a black equality activist would love a show featuring all white people but I’ve always felt that Vanderpump Rules showed equality in such a beautiful light.

That was until last night. Five days into Black History Month, I am sitting here on my couch watching one of my favorite shows and suddenly I’m alarmed as one of the main cast members insults the shit out of my ethnicity.

“Everyone giving their impassioned speeches about race and all that stuff -- I'm like, why is it always just about African Americans? Why aren't the Asians being like, 'We're not represented'? Why aren't Native Americans and Latinos being like, 'We're not represented'? Why is it that it's always just that."

Since I am one of “those people” Stassi is referring to let me break it down for her and any other white person that believes black people are just throwing the race card around for the hell of it.

Since the 1900’s, 95% of award nominations have gone to white film stars. To date, minority actors land only 15% of top roles, 15% of nominations and 17% of wins. But despite all of these odds, black actors convert 9% of top roles into 10% of best-actor nominations and 15% of the coveted golden statuettes. This means that black actors are performing BEYOND our entire share of the general population (which is 12%). (statistic source:

Yet, since the 1920’s, black actors have continued to be misrepresented at award shows. From top box office movies featuring a black lead yet the only nomination goes to a white co-star (Creed) to biopics about historical black people staring black people yet the award nomination goes to a white screenwriter (Straight Out of Compton.) This has happened for years and this is why we are so vocal about our representation at award shows.  

Stassi, I’ve been able to watch you and those that share your same skin color countless times on TV and never once have disregarded you thinking “oh here’s another privileged, rich white girl talking about her problems again.” Yet for you to see people that share my same skin color stand up for themselves and hold Hollywood accountable after years of non-representation and rejection as just “those people talking about black things” just shows that you are not only ignorant: YOU ARE APART THE PROBLEM!

ALL people of color are absolutely oppressed in many ways: in representation, history, law enforcement, the portrayal of our culture; the list goes on and on and differs from ethnicity to ethnicity.

But once thing we have seen white people do since the beginning of time is to deflect instead of self-reflect. Instead of focusing on what one POC is doing or saying in relation to another, why not focus on what you as a white person can do to fight against racism once and for all so that black people wouldn’t even have to make it such a “thing” in the first place.

Are you questioning us because you are focused on racism or is it because you find the outpour of black voices simply annoying?      

In addition to this, Stassi has also posted a picture with the tag “Nazi chic” and spoke about the #metoo movement accusing victims of false reports with comments like “A lot of them are more than willing to go to that hotel room.” “You waited twenty years are you kidding me.” “Half the people are actual victims.” “Because they want publicity.” if you were actually raped I’m, of course, in support of you.”

See the full transcript of the episode here (compliments of

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Stassi your ignorance disgusts me. The fact that Bravo spent more time filming you crying rather than apologizing to my people and the many blatant disrespectful tweets defying the #metoo movement also infuriates me.

You’ve stated that your podcast is supposed to “empower women” yet you’ve done nothing to empower anyone else but yourself. Your comments have stained the entire intersectional feminist community; a community that I fight every day for.   

You, in addition to other celebrities and reality stars, have a huge platform and a great deal of influence. Many people will buy what you buy, think how you think and act how you act. I wonder how many people you’ve convinced to no longer see award shows as a way to call out bigotry and discrimination that’s existed since the 20th century, but instead to see black people just as “those people” making it “a black thing” with all of “our stuff.”

Thank you to Billie Lee and Ariana for bringing this topic on the show. Who knows how long I would have continued watching you without realizing that you don’t give a shit about what people that look like me are fighting for. 

Seriously, do better Bravo!

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