Well Hello Lane Bryant: This is what a size 20 looks like (Part Two)


I’ve never tried on the sports bra that fit this comfy yet still give me really good support. And the best thing I love about it is that there is no spillage of my back fat when I move my arms around.

I must say the girls are happily sitting pretty right now. Alright Lane, I see you girl!

Next, I tried on a swim suit. The swim suit’s sizing chart is the same as the sports bra so I grabbed the equivalent size which was a size 20 bottom and a size 42DDD (they didn’t have H but a DDD is pretty close to it).

Swimsuit:  Lane Bryant

Swimsuit: Lane Bryant

The swimsuit was pretty big and the top would probably fit better a couple of sizes smaller. The bottoms weren’t super loose, but a size 18 would have probably fit better. But, you know that didn’t stop ya girl from taking pics. Swimsuit pics are my absolute fav!

Next I tried on a pair of shorts and pants, which according to their jeans sizing chart, I am a size 20.

The shorts fit really well. They were a perfect fit around my thighs but gave me plenty room in the waist which I loved.


Then jeans didn’t fit as perfect but I still felt more comfortable in the size 20 and didn’t even bother digging for an 18. Because I have really thick thighs but not a super thick waist and no hips at all, the pants fit my thighs well but were very loose in the waist area. However as an activist, I no longer believe in squeezing into any piece of clothing.  Instead I kept the 20s which gives me more room for washing and for body change. It’s way more comfy wearing something a little too big than a little too small.

My no label shopping experience was so encouraging and uplifting that I had to share this with any woman that has ever been disgusted by a label or a size. To think if this had been just a few years ago, seeing a size 20 would have devastated me. And I probably would have gone right back to starving myself.

But, baby I’m a survivor. I believe in body love and no size label against me shall prosper. So, today I am a size 20. This is what a size 20 looks like.

But here’s the gag – just because I’m wearing a size 20 in LB, that doesn’t mean I’m a size 20 at Forever 21, or H&M, or Torrid or anywhere else. I may be a 22, 24, 18, 16, 14 hell who knows, and better yet who cares?!

Bodies change, measurements change, and each piece of material fits differently. And for this very reason, a size label is pointless. I am a size 20 today but instead I prefer to be size awesome.