If you could say one thing to your body, what would it be? What would you say to the part of you the world doesn’t get to see? Here’s an excuse to get it out. We truly want to change society’s distorted views on body image. And we need your help! So, we’ve started The Dear Body Project: a FREE creative media challenge for writers, bloggers, photographers, models and anybody with a story to tell. Submit your work for FREE and get featured in our printed magazine Dear Body Magazine.

Submission Guidelines:

Writing (articles, blogs, short stories, poetry, etc.) Tell us about your past experiences with body image.

Song and Dance (music videos, songs, dance routine, etc.)  Submit to us via a YouTube or SoundCloud link.

Photography / Videography / Fine Art (paintings, drawings, sculpture, short films, photos, videos, etc.) Show us a visual representation of what body image means to you. Nothing is off limits. No restrictions.

Past work is alright! You don’t need to create new work to be able to participate in the challenge. 

The winner of the challenge will receive a full page feature and a front cover mention in Dear Body Magazine.

Please submit all entries to: hello@IdentityofShe.com. 

Submission Deadline: SEPTEMBER 30th, 2019

Questions? We got you. just email us at: hello@IdentityofShe.com.