It’s 2019 and it seems that now there is a place for everyone to have their own voice no matter your color, race, religion, ethnicity, shape, size or who you choose to love.

But, it was not always like this.

Many of us grew up playing with dolls that looked nothing like us and aspiring to be a certain size or color that was never attainable. From dolls and toys to ads, commercials and women on the T.V. screens, perhaps constantly seeing someone so beautiful, popular and so highly glorified, and yet not seeing that same thing in the mirror has messed with us after all of these years.

Perhaps many of us are still getting to know us.

Well The Identity of She is here to stir some ish up.

So we created #ImaBarbie an ability for you to be the Barbie you always wanted to be, through your very own identity.

#ImaBarbie is a 48 page guide full of submissions of beautiful humans all wearing the barbie shirts. It was also includes educational information about race, nationality, ethnicity, and other aspects of identity. Each Barbie submits their picture in their Barbie shirt, a baby picture and and q and a about your own personal identity and how you are finding self-love.

The goal of this guide is to educate one another about how beautiful diversity really is and to make sure that everyone feels included and feels like the true Barbie they really are!



To Join The Campaign Paypal Us At TheIdentityofShe@gmail.com Or DM Us On Instagram For Additional Payment Options.

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Did Growing Up Did You Play With Dolls That Looked Like You?