Get Four Magazines For $20 Plus A Pack Of TIOS Stickers

Get Four Magazines For $20 Plus A Pack Of TIOS Stickers


Now get all four editions of Dear Body Magazine For Only $20 Plus A Pack Of TIOS Stickers.

Dear Body Magazine: Edition One is a collection of stories of women who wrote personal letters to their bodies. Alongside the letters were photos, artwork and other media expressing how to achieve a positive body image. Dear Body Magazine: Edition One was also featured in Amber Rose’s May 2018 Subscription Box. 

Dear Body Magazine: Edition Two is an ode to women’s history as we tackled the historical existence of body shame, and the brainwashing of beauty standards. It also had several articles about sexual liberation, feminism and freedom and includes a pull-out Body Love & Self Love Quote Poster. 

Dear Body Magazine: Edition Three is a visual Body Party where we celebrated women of all shapes and sizes in whatever made them feel most empowered: whether it meant nudity or modesty. The issue also includes a Body Love To Do List pull-out poster.

Dear Body Magazine: Edition Four was dedicated to self-discovery and also included self-help worksheets from @betteringbecca, a body love & ED recovery activist and blogger. 

Dear Body Magazine: Edition Five will be called “Reclaiming My Time, Reclaiming My Body” and will be dedicated to reclaiming ownership over your body. It will also include helpful information about rape culture, sexual assault and the effects of the abortion ban on today’s society. Submit entries to Email us for more details.

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