We see amazing women every single day on our social feeds and most of wonder how cool it would be to meet them in person. From bloggers, to models to celebrities to feminists, activists and everything in between, there are so many amazing women out there with incredible stories. Well, The Phenomenal Female Project is our way of sharing stories from the incredible women we meet. As these women continue to empower the female community and take over the world, we highlight their success and celebrate their journey.

Dana Suhow of the brand  Do The Hotpants  is a badass female that 

Dana Suchow of the brand Do The Hotpants is a badass female who started a career as a fashion stylist in NYC. But after feeling the huge pressure of having to maintain certain ideals of beauty standards, Dana said screw that and became a Body Positive Activist instead. Her mission now is to uplift and encourage every woman to stop listening to what society says is beautiful and instead be your own kind of beautiful. 

Ayesha Perry-Iqbal is a British and Indian model who is taking the curvy modeling industry by storm. She's modeled for Forever 21, Torrid, Kohl's, Swimsuits for All by Ashley Gram and many other amazing brands. What is most appealing about Ayesha is not only her beauty, but how much she loves and adores her body which you can see if every photo she takes.  

Michelle Hope is a NYC based sex expert who's been featured on NewsOne with Roland Martin, The Amber Rose show, The Breakfast Club and many other places. Her mission is to educate individuals about sexuality and sex health as well as help people identify how sexuality is impacting their every day lives. 


For Dana, her own kind of beautiful means embracing her body hair. 

Despite what society says, there is absolutely nothing wrong with my natural body. And now that I’m aware of the unrealistic beauty standards that exist for women, I can begin to love ALL of me.
— Dana Suchow | Do The Hotpants
I am proud to be curvy. There is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself just the way you are and embracing everything about you. I refuse to let other people and society dictate how I should see myself.

I believe as women we should empower each other to love ourselves and encourage each other to be the best we can be. Healthy and happy. That’s the best way to live.
— Ayesha Perry-Iqbal