Vegans Eat Good - By Jupiter Says Hello

Let me start by just saying VEGANS EAT GOOD. By good I don't mean good like ooo yum rabbit food is good I mean like big plates of food, designer donuts and monte cristo sandwiches. Remove the thought from your minds eye that you will be missing anything but high blood pressure for the rest of your life. This girl on my Facebook news feed the other day made some comment about how vegans just don't know how to season meat... *crickets* Maybe she just doesn't know how to season vegetables? *shrugs*

Life should always be about balance. Today I'm going to go over some non invasive tips and "tricks" for starting a plant based diet. 

What is a plant based diet you ask? That my friends is a diet formed from plants! Fruits, vegetables and grains... is there another thing in there... oh yes fried foods? Wait... 



1. Stop eating out for a while.

I suggest this only because you'll sort of be forced to cook for yourself for a little.  Keep food at your house in your fridge and freezer. There has been a recent surge of new products being introduced at all different price ranges. In reality I spend much less on groceries then I used to spend on groceries and eating out combined. Some of my favorite brands are- Gardein, Follow Your Heart, Field Roast, Earth Balance, Pacific & Daiya. 

2. Try making earth friendly decisions to show yourself how much you truly do care for the wellbeing of your Mother Earth.

For example- I bring my vegan lunch to work daily in re useable containers. Sometimes I treat myself on Friday's with a meal for lunch out and about. It's important to treat yourself! My lunches consist of a sandwich on whole grain bread *i like the Ezekiel brand- but any vegan bread will do* with either almond butter and jelly or tofurkey + vegan cheese *i like chao cheese or follow your heart* I pack a fresh fruit and veggie, a hummus or guac, chips & sweet treat! 

3. Frozen fruit blended with coconut oil and agave makes excellent "nice cream" recipes and the colors and flavors are endless!

I like to blend with hemp milk for the omegas and other essential vitamins, plus it is so creamy this way! I eat this for breakfast with whole grain toast or Vans gluten free waffles.

4. Don't Be Afraid of Tofu.  

Think about what meat is and then think about what tofu is... i was always grossed out by raw meat even when I still ate meat.  If you don't already know it's literally soybeans formed into a block. It's kept in water to prevent spoiling. Tofu is the same concept as meat- essentially flavorless until flavored with seasonings! When you buy it for frying you should first buy firm or extra firm-  take it home and drain the water from the box. Then take it out and cut it in half to make the block thinner. Then put it in between two paper towels and press the moisture out as much as you can! For a scramble *firm works best* break it up in a bowl with your hands or just crumble it over a heated pan with some oil. *just like eggs don't use high heat!!!* Season like eggs!  For fried tofu bites *extra firm works best* coat in corn starch *either in a bowl or shake in a bag* after draining and pan fry until crispy! Drain and serve with dipping sauce. Use the medium, soft and silken tofu in soups or stews! 

5. Buy a steamer.

Steamers are cheap and a very efficient way to cook veggies. Keeps the nutrients in place and you're not constantly watching a stove. Steamers can do many other things too! I've seen people make cakes in the damn thing get creative friends! 

6. Read your labels!

Get educated! Google stuff! See something you don't know with a long name meant to confuse people ...what it that?? in your ingredients list google it see what it's about and if you think it's not something you'd like to put into your body's temple then don't. I have cut out a lot of useless junk from my diet this way. 

7. Ok... Don't be afraid of vegetables. 

Same as above blah who likes pulling pin bones out of a salmon...or cutting chicken bones... vegetables should take up most of your plate. Which they will when that's all you eat! Think about all the vegetables you love and eat those. EAT them. I love artichokes, asparagus, broccoli, green beans, cauliflower, squash, sweet potatoes, zucchini and I eat a lot of those. Oh and mushrooms. Broccoli contains more protein than chicken, when eaten correctly!! That's right .... and tons of vitamin C. Start using the seasonings you would season your meat with on your vegetables start exploring the spice rack at home and think about if you'd like to try some new flavors. Go to a specialty market and ask for some help in that area. Make a big ol veggie stir fry. Use garlic and water chestnuts *theyre canned* 

8. Thug Kitchen.

Get it and read it! So much important and useful information plus easy recipes and start up information.

9. Cruelty-Cutter!

It's an ap. Allows you to scan barcodes of items and it will tell you if the company tests on animals. It's important to me so I'm passing it along.

10. Last but not least this isn't a game or a race to see who can be more or less vegan for whatever reason.

This is your life your pace your choice. Meatless Monday's are popular and a way to start out just trying one day a week. You'll start to see how easy it is. I would recommend going no meat and no dairy during this time because the egg and dairy industry are no better for our Mother Earth. No mother should be exploited. 

BONUS life hack - remember expecting perfection is just not something anyone can expect. You will find things you didn't know had dairy or meat. The other day I bought kimchi and looked at the back *before taking a bite!! Always read those labels!!!* it has fish in it. *sigh* 

BONUS BONUS life hack- treat.your.self keep vegan snacks, yummy snacks on hand. Justin's peanut butter cups, Earth balance cheddar chips, nada moo ice cream in pistachio or birthday cake are my go to's. Also going out to a vegan meal at a restaurant will be the best treat in the world. I see more and more popping up by the day in Los Angeles. Subbing out bad bad calories for bad good calories can do wonders.

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