10 Ways to Empower Women (including yourself!)

By Andi Hennon

1) Empathize

It’s so easy to get caught up in our own lives. It’s easy to feel that our problems are worse than others. However, this often alienates us, and in the end we end up suffering more. By sitting with other women, really listening, and putting yourself in their shoes, you can validate their feelings and help them heal. This can help to put your life into perspective as well, and will create meaningful bonds of sisterhood in your life.

2) Create a safe space for other women.


When you’re listening to someone talk, keep your predisposed thoughts to yourself. Be kind. Be gentle. Think about being able to speak freely without fear of judgement! Safe spaces should continue after the conversation is over. Talking behind the backs of your fellow women defeats the purpose of a safe space.

3) KNOW that you are valuable.

As women, we often feel undervalued in society. In our relationships, in the workplace, everywhere! People who treat you as “less than” are a product of their environment, and their actions have nothing to do with you. Pull your shoulders back and know that you are a kick ass female.

4) Show support for the ladies in your life.

Repost an accomplishment on social media that one of your friends has achieved! Buy handmade items that your artist friends create and tell everyone how incredible they are. Go out and see your friends’ band perform, and cheer the loudest! Publicly love the women in your life.

5) Don’t be shy about educating others. (Call people out on their sh*t!)


It’s hard to do, but this is how we create change. The more we learn about intersectional feminism, the more we notice how sick people in the world can be. Call. Them. Out. Rape jokes, racist comments, misogyny, jokes about disabilities. Speak up!  On the other hand, some people just don’t know how to be PC, and you can take it upon yourself to help them understand.

 6) Build a network of badass lady friends

Hang with your girls, text your girls, introduce your girls to each other, and keep the love going! There is a special power in a night of wine and conversation. You have an amazing brain and each of you has your own special talents. Work together to make a better world!

7) Keep Learning!

As more and more people are speaking up about the issues in their lives, we can learn something new every day about the struggles and hardships of all demographics. Be open minded, listen, and ask questions!

8) Do whatever you want and be proud of it.

Make decisions and stand by them. Stick to your thoughts, feelings and actions. Be a sexual person. Be an outgoing person. Be a shy person. Speak loudly and flamboyantly, speak softly and sternly. Whatever you do, do whatever you want and be proud.

9) Be a mentor to young children to stop the cycle of misogyny.

In the world there are parents that continue the cycle of misogyny. They tell their little girls to sit and be ladylike, and let their boys run wild and justify their behavior as “boys will be boys.” When there are young children in your life, allow them to feel proud of who they are no matter if they are a girl who likes racecars or a boy who likes dolls. Encourage them to be themselves!

10) Be PROUD of your womanhood! You are a human being with a heart, a brain, and a place in this world!

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